Victoria Court closes down some branches; workers face retrenchment

Image from Victoria Court FB page
  • Victoria Court motel chain is closing some of its branches in Metro Manila
  • Its CEO has promised retirement and retrenchment package for its employees
  • Some branches, under a separate management, however, will remain operational

MANILA, Philippines – The tourism and hospitality business is one of the hardest hit industry amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. In the country, several businesses have been severely affected and are now either closing down or downsizing their manpower just to survive.

Victoria Court, perhaps one of the most iconic motel chains in Metro Manila, just became the latest victim to succumb to COVID-19.

Image from Angela Mead King’s Facebook page

In a statement addressed to her employees, Victoria Court CEO Angelina Mead King admitted she now has to make ‘a life-changing decision’ in the face of COVID-19 that has ‘decimated all facets of life’.

“Over the next few weeks, I don’t think that hotel and motel operations will be able to produce the same results as how we used to. It is time that we face the facts and be honest, and try to prepare for what’s coming,” said King.

While the motel chain has been accepting returning OFWs, BPOs and maritime crews during the lockdown period, revenues were still not enough to sustain the business and keep them running; forcing them to go into ‘survival mode’.

“Over the next few weeks, we will be preparing your retirement and retrenchment packages, so that you will have some funds to survive over the next few months,” she added.

King also advised her employees to look for another job and promised them they will be the first to be called back once business reopens.

In a separate statement on Facebook however, King’s brother, Atticus, clarified that only the branches under his sister’s management – the Cuneta, Gil Puyat and Malate branches – will be closing down.

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Those under him – Balintawak, Hillcrest in Pasig, Panorama in Pasig, Las Piñas, Malabon, North Edsa, and San Fernando in Pampanga – will remain open even as he admitted that they are trying to stay afloat amid the pandemic.

“For clarity, we both share the brand Victoria Court but we have completely different management groups. Given that, our solutions to the ongoing situation are completely different and unrelated,” Atticus King said.

Image screenshot from Atticus King’s Facebook video

In the 1970s, the King patriarch Angelo King founded the motel chain that also include the Anito Lodge, Akasya Lodge and Anahaw Lodge. But it was only in the mid-80s when the company opened its first Victoria Court branch in Pasig City.

The motel has since been a favorite for its themed room and its iconic logo depicting ‘a classy but mysterious-looking lady in a hush-up motion’ which is supposed to embody a secret and privacy.