World-renowned Filipino artist Patrick Cabral designs for Starbucks merchandise

Image via Starbucks Philippines | Facebook, Image via Patrick Cabral | Facebook
  • The largest coffeehouse in the world tapped Patrick Cabral to bring in the Filipino culture in its merchandise in the Phili[ppines
  • The Pinoy artist featured a Sarimanok inspired design printed in three different tumblers, a tote bag and paper card
  • The take-off was a success and the artist hopes his creation goes international in the future

At last, the first of its kind. Starbucks Philippines collaborated with a Filipino designer to bring his talent into their merchandise.

Image via Patrick Cabral | Facebook

Patrick Cabral, a world-renowned Pinoy artist, brought the Sarimanok-inspired design to the coffeehouse’s sought after merchandise. The Sarimanok, also known as papanok in its feminine form, is part of the Philippine mythology and is believed to be a legendary bird of the Maranao people in Mindanao.

Starbucks Philippines described in their social media post, ”Patrick blends a cultural symbol with his maximalist style, creating an intricate and exuberant design.”

It was the first time Patrick used the gold color in his designs. He got inspired by the gold artifacts displayed at the Ayala Museum.

He said on his FB post, “So there, the gold in my work is an homage to our ancestors who tamed the element of gold and turned it to anything and everything.”

His creations are incorporated in three different-sized tumblers, a tote bag and paper card. Prices of the items range from P595 to P1,295.

And how did the fans respond? They love it! Coffee goers found the design elegant and premium=-looking. They also praised the coffeehouse for tapping a local artist.

Image via Starbucks Philippines | Facebook

Moreover, the artist received messages from the Maranao community; thanking him for making them feel seen.

For now, expect being challenged on its availability. During its launch last June 9, people lined up outside the stores as early as 6 AM and by noon, most branches had it sold out.

Looking ahead, Patrick wishes it will be part of something more significant in the future.

“Hopefully, we get to share it to the entire world as well. And as Starbucks has made it possible to give us a taste of other people’s culture, rest assured that I would not stop to give the world the taste of our culture.”