Young Pinay scientist develops ‘healthy probiotic beer’

Image scrren capture from CrimsonHub PH YT video
  • A young Filipina scientist from Davao invented an alternative healthy beer
  • She developed the drink with probiotic bacteria
  • She also used durian rind powder for bacteria to survive in beer

A young Filipina scientist from Davao has invented a ‘healthy beer’ developed with probiotic bacteria primarily to cater to those with lactose intolerance and allergy to dairy foods.

Kriza Faye Calumba graduated class valedictorian with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Food Technology in 2014 at the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UP-Mindanao) where she is currently an assistant professor at its Department of Food Science and Chemistry.

Image screen capture from CrimsonHub PH YT video

A confessed beer-lover herself, Kriza used her background on lactic acid bacteria to explore whether the probiotic microorganisms will survive in beer and give the same benefits just like the dairy products such as Yakult and yoghurt did.

“And of course, I also would like to make a difference in the food science community by producing something that is novel,” said the Davaoeña scientist.

Kriza is one of the 16 scholars of Fullbright and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) who were sent to the United States for their graduate studies. She went to Louisiana State University (LSU) where she developed the ale beer with 4.3 percent alcohol content.

Image scrren capture from CrimsonHub PH YT video

In order for the probiotic bacteria to survive in the drink, Kriza said she used durian rind powder as protectant.

In 2018, her research project was recognized at the International Food Technologist Inc. annual conference in Chicago, Illinois and won third place in Biotechnology Division Poster.

Watch her full interview on TechTalk: