Alice Dixson bares the truth about #TaongAhas on her vlog : ‘I was just being young and silly’

Image capture of video by Alice Dixson via YouTube
  • Alice Dixson finally opened about what really happened to her at the Robinson’s Galleria that created one of the most talked-about urban legends in the country
  • During an outfit change at the restroom inside the mall, she did something which she believed started the rumor
  • She also hypothesized that a school used her story to test how far, how big and how long disseminated information can go

At last, after 30 years, Alice Dixson bared the truth about the urban legend involving her and Robinson’s Galleria.

Image capture of video by Alice Dixson via YouTube

Alice Dixson shared her side of the story for the first time on her latest YouTube vlog she titled “Finally… the TRUTH told #TaongAhas.”

So, is there truth to the myth? Dixson narrated what she thought started the legend.

As reminded by her fans,  the incident took place during a movie shoot in the said mall in the 1980s. The production told her to change clothes. She was directed to the bathroom beside the department store on the 4th floor.

“Natatandaan ko nga may nag-uusyoso sa labas, and for some reason, while I was inside the bathroom, I said, ‘tuklaw, tuklaw.’

“Now, I don’t really know kung bakit ko iyon ginawa. Siguro kasi, I was just being funny? I was trying to get a laugh sa mga kasamahan ko? I was being young and silly.”

She became an instant headliner right after the incident.  As told by the news, she was apparently attacked by a snake in Robinson’s mall believed to be the twin brother of mall owner, Robina Gokongwei.

Image capture of video by Alice Dixson via YouTube

The actress, though, has her hypothesis of how the gossip spread. She believed it came from a sch0ol with a mass curriculum subject that has a particular project “to disseminate information to see how far, how convoluted and how long information could spread.”

Dixson, being a mass communications graduate, assumed her story was used.

“Nothing really happened. Nothing really happened in the way the urban legend or the myth dictates,” Dixson finally clarified.

According to the myth, she fell from a trap door in a fitting room. She was able to escape and run to the corridor and towards a hotel near the mall. Lastly, she was paid P850 to remain silent. But none of this happened!

Hopefully, this case is closed. The actress too wished it would be the first and last time she explains herself about it.

Check her revelation here.

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