After showing her love for water, Baby Lilo flaunts some dance moves as seen in video clip shared by Dad Philmar

Image via Philmar Alipayo | Instagram
  • Baby Lilo was seen happily dancing together with her mom Andi Eigenmann and sister Elli
  • Philmar Alipayo took the video and captioned it ‘this is everything”
  • Baby Lilo’s newly discovered talent amused netizens because of  its cuteness overload

Philmar Alipayo shared a video on Instagram and captioned it, “This is everything.”

Image via Philmar Alipayo | Instagram

The video featured a bonding moment of the three girls – Andi, Ellie and Baby Lilo, having fun time dancing to the beat of the song played on mobile unit. Andi and Elli were copying the dance moves shown on the video while baby Lilo was grooving to her dance steps, once in a while raising her hands, bending her knees and swaying her hips.

“Mommy, look at Lilo,” Elli said in amusement.

And who says she didn’t have a good time? Baby Lilo, whose real name is Keliana Alohi Eigenmann Alipayo, screamed with excitement as she did her own moves. Andi’s daughter with Philmar is only 11 months old and it seemed that she has already showcased some talent.

This video has more than 125,000 views and netizens love their dose of good vibes and the cuteness overload it gave them.

“Nice bonding. Love you more, Andi and lovely kids. Keep going. .God bless.”

“You are lucky. Your daughter is so lovable and smart.”

Image via Philmar Alipayo | Instagram

#FirstTime: Philmar Alipayo, 10-month-old Baby Lilo magkasamang nag-surfing

Earlier, Lilo caught netizens’ attention when Philmar brought her to the beach to surf for the first time. She was 10 months old then. And their bundle of joy loves the water! There was not a single hint of fear when she was on the surfboard.

We wouldn’t wonder. Even when she was still inside Andi, the former actress still visits the beach even in her 9th month of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, we hope to see more dance videos soon from this cool family!

Check their bonding moment here.


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this is everything ??

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