Syrian vlogger Basel receives an iPhone 11 from a subscriber: ‘I can’t believe it!’

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube
  • A staff notified Basel that a phone had been delivered for him at his restaurant 
  • He came to see it and was so surprised it wasn’t a prank
  • The Syrian vlogger uses an old phone which has been repaired several times but he has no plans of buying a new one

Basel, the Hungry Syrian Wanderer, is known to everyone not just as a restaurant owner but a good samaritan as well. The generous manager always thinks of others’ welfare and puts his own in the last priority.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

Take the case of his mobile phone, which has been repaired twice but still he has no plans of buying one. He posted a video on Instagram when he brought his mobile to a repair shop because its LCD has cracked from falling.

Apparently, good deeds receive rewards, too. One subscriber noticed his post and was kind enough to send him a phone; not just an ordinary one but an iPhone 11!

Basel was so surprised. He couldn’t believe it. He received the news through his staff, who messaged him that a phone has been delivered to his restaurant.

“Somebody’s boss gifted you an iPhone. An IPHONE,” the message read.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

He rushed to his store and saw the phone after it was handed over by his staff.

“This can’t be real!’ he said with excitement.

Basel did the unboxing and he was quite nervous thinking it was only a prank. Upon opening the box, it revealed a black iPhone 11 64GB. Yes, it’s real! His first iPhone ever!

He has long planned to buy a new phone, but he was busy prioritizing the tablets he will give to students for their online class.

Together with the phone came a note which he read. The sender thanked him for helping the Filipino people and prioritizing them instead of himself.

Basel has given one of his staff a MacBook air laptop, his employees a house to stay for free, financial assistance and has helped other random people as well. But he has not bought anything new for himself.

He deserves to be blessed. And yes, now he’s the recipient of a kind act.

Watch his vlog here.

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