No birthday cake? How about some tacos instead?

Image via Azeret Nichols | Facebook
  • A catering service gave an idea that tacos can be a great dish as a cake alternative on birthdays
  • This way, it can be more affordable, practical, creative and easy to share
  • A cake made of lumpia and pansit tied with a ribbon is also one brilliant idea that went viral on the internet

“Welcome to the new normal,” we often hear this lately. When COVID came, many things have changed.

Image via Azeret Nichols | Facebook

We learn how to be practical, save money and even tone down our parties. And yes, speaking of parties, just in case you’re out of budget and you want to skip the cake for something more affordable and creative, you can use some tacos instead.

Azeret Nichols posted a photo on the Bone Apple YEET Facebook group and it could be an exciting idea for your birthday party. It showcases the age, 38, formed using taco shells jampacked with meat fillings. The rest of the ingredients are placed on the center for added view. Brilliant, isn’t it?

This creation was made by Las Brasas Tacos & Grill Catering of Houston, Texas.

A taco is a Mexican dish that is easy to prepare and is eaten by hand. If you aim for a light snack indulgence, this can be great for you.

Cake alternatives are slowly becoming popular. Recently, a cake made of lumpia and pansit went viral on the internet. The celebrant is not into desserts and that was why his family came up with this idea.

Image via MaryJane Quiniones? | Facebook

‘Pinoy na Pinoy’: Netizens natakam sa birthday cake na gawa sa lumpia at pansit

It was made using a cake pan. First, rice was put on the pan; lumpia was placed on the sides and pansit in the middle. To hold the food together, a blue ribbon was tied around it.

What do you think?

According to Proflowers, the presence of cake on birthday celebrations originated in Germany. It started as coarse bread-like products until the 17th century when the icing was introduced to give more flavors and improve its design.

The putting of candles in cakes started in Ancient Greece, as said in one theory. They do it to honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon. But some scholars believe the tradition came from Germany.

Go on. Be practical as it leads you to be more creative. Whatever symbol you use to represent a celebration,  at the end of the day, what’s more important is that it shares the same meaning.