British ‘Pinoy at heart’ writes open letter to #AgotIsidro on her remarks over what she calls as Jinkee’s ‘insensitive post’

Image via Agot Isidro | Instagram, Image via Malcolm Conlan | Facebook
  • A British guy, Malcolm Conlan, wrote an open letter to celebrity Agot Isidro with regards to her remark on Jinkee’s “insensitive” IG post
  • He wrote that he doesn’t see anything wrong with Jinkee’s post and defended her
  • Many agree with him and felt that the couple deserves to receive blessings since they have given a lot to the community

While many gushed over Jinkee and Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s “His and Hers” pricey bicycles, one celebrity, Agot Isidro, finds the socialite’s post as insensitive amid these difficult times.

Alam namin na marami kayong pera. At kung ano ang gusto ninyong gawin sa pera na ‘yun, wala kaming pakialam. Pero marami rin ang walang trabaho at nagkukumahog humanap ng pera para may pakain sa kanilang pamilya. Puwede ba, konting sensitivity man lang? #nouveau”

Image via Jinkee Pacquiao | Facebook

Well, a known British national who is also dubbed as ‘Pinoy at heart’, Malcolm Conlan, thinks there is nothing wrong about Instagram post of the boxing icon’s wife Jinkee.  So to air his opinion, he wrote an open letter addressed to the actress.

Here’s what he wrote and posted on social media:

Dear Agot,

I genuinely believe that when Jinkee Pacquiao posted the photos of the pink bikes on her IG, which she was given two years ago, apparently by her Godfather, she did so as a blogger. I DO NOT think for one minute that Jinkee was in any way showing off or trying to flaunt her wealth. She uses her blog to help others and promote good causes.

Senator Manny Pacquiao also does SO MUCH good for so many. He and his family are a good Christian family who donates a great deal of their wealth to the people.

He has built more than 1000 homes for Filipinos in need and done so much for charity and the country, so why would they ever have a need to show off?

Image via Jinkee Pacquiao | Facebook

I have no doubt that her post on IG was just a part of her blogging activity and if she felt for one minute that she had offended anyone, particularly poor Filipinos, I have no doubt she would have been mortified.

It’s sad that you are always finding a way to bash anyone who is pro-Duterte or who genuinely cares for the country and her people. This has nothing to do with politics, this is about people’s freedom of expression and creativity and was not meant to offend anyone.

Thanks and best wishes,

Malcolm Conlan

Image via Malcolm Conlan | Facebook

Netizens were quick to come to his side.  And just like what they commented on Jinkee’s IG post,  they think the boxing senator’s wife deserves to receive blessings from others because they too have done so much for the community. Furthermore, their wealth is a result of years of hard work.

Besides, according to Jinkee, the Hermes and Louis Vuitton luxury bicycles were gifts from their ‘kumpare’ Hermie Esguerra – which, based on reports, may total to more or less P1 million. Both did not reply to Agot’s harsh tweet.  However, the following day, July 10, Jinkee posted via an IG Story a photo of a bible verse with the words “Don’t judge others.”

Image via Instagram Story