Dog rescue group shares powerful photo encouraging us to adopt dogs who deserve a chance to live

Image via PAWSsion Project | Facebook
  • A dog rescue group shared a photo that shows the unfortunate fate of dogs that are neglected and those that are not
  • The photo suggests that some dogs may end up in dog pounds ripping their chance to live a normal life
  • With this, the dog rescue group is encouraging everyone to consider adoption because these animals deserve to live

Are you thinking of having a dog? For an animal lover who loves to have a furry companion around, getting a dog is a good start. But before looking for one, please take a look at this message first.

Image via PAWSsion Project | Facebook

PAWSsion Project shared a powerful photo that will surely pinch your heart. In the picture are dogs that happen to be in two separate vehicles. In one vehicle is a group of dogs cramped in a tight cage believed to be owned by an animal pound. However, in the other car sits a dog that is feeling lucky. It is well-groomed and cage-free.

The most touching element of the photo is how the dogs looked at each other; seemingly in a deep telepathic conversation. It looks like even as animals, they understand what is going on. The ones in the cage surely are envious of the dog in the car. And the lucky dog would feel pity for his fellow furry animals.

Now, who’s to blame for the dogs who end in an unfortunate fate?

We, humans. Irresponsible dog ownership leads to dogs multiplying beyond our capacity and are hence neglected with regards to their essential needs. They end up roaming in the streets looking for food to survive.

Thanks to animal rescue groups like the PAWSsion project, some dogs are given a chance to enjoy life. As per their post, “And this is why we will continue to fight for them because it’s not their fault they are out there. It’s not their fault they don’t have homes.”

Image via Pixabay

For the dogs in the cage, there is still something that we can do.

“The best way to save dogs like them is to consider adoption. They all deserve to be loved and they all deserve to live and be heard. Breed or no breed,” the group pleaded.

So before we go looking for pricey pooches at the pet store, let us visit our dog pounds or shelters first.

“Please consider adoption. Please advocate for them. Please love the strays as well.”

And please be a responsible pet owner , too.

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