Epic resignation letter: Some people just want to go straight to the point

Image via Zedcarsm Memes | Facebook
  • Simply Zedcarsm Memes shared an epic resignation letter on Facebook
  • The resignee wrote his intention to say goodbye, just that and no other thoughts at all
  • Former US President Richard Nixon also had one of the shortest resignation letters in history

Most resignation letters are made of several paragraphs citing your gratitude for having worked in a particular company, and most importantly, disclosing your reasons for quitting and ending it in a positive note. But a few resignation letters are straightforward; so simple that it almost missed to include some feelings into it. Lol.

Image via Zedcarsm Memes | Facebook

Zedcarsm Memes shared a photo on Facebook of an epic resignation letter that will honestly give you an idea of how unpredictable some employees can be. The letter addressed to the management of a school was simply handwritten on a paper most students use. It is unknown what the position of the resignee is, but we assume she could be a teacher in the institution.

No drama. No lengthy sentences. No adjectives. No feelings. Just a simple goodbye. The body has a title “LETTER OF RESIGNATION” in bold letters.

The highlight says, “Bye bye, Sir,” written by a woman identified as Miss Olowolagba F.

Could she be in a hurry? She didn’t have time to type it on the computer and print it on a bond paper. Maybe she is too lazy to write one. Or perhaps it’s not necessary to her at all as long as she can state her intentions and leave. We can only speculate.

Image courtesy of National Archives Foundation

In history, former US President Richard Nixon also has a resignation letter entirely unexpected of a person in the highest position of a country.

The letter he made on August 9, 1974, was addressed to the Secretary of State at that time, Hon. Henry Kissinger. Nixon wrote,” I hereby resign the Office of the President of the United States.”

On the receiver’s end, there is nothing you can do because whether lengthy or not, they all mean the same. That person is leaving. Maybe it all depends on how bad the situation was that caused them to go.

What do you think? Would you write one like this? Or are you going to accept this kind of resignation letter from your employees?