Japanese nationals do cleanup drive in Cebu, encourage Filipinos to do the same

Image via Hitoshi Namura | Facebook
  • Three Japanese nationals in Cebu are gaining attention because of their initiative in doing cleanup drives and promoting cleanliness
  • They encourage Filipinos to be responsible of their own waste and join their initiative
  • The Japanese are known for their cleanliness, a character mainly attributed to their religion

They are foreigners in our country but they care for our homeland like their own.

Image via Hitoshi Namura | Facebook

Three Japanese nationals in Barangay Apas in Cebu are making a difference by cleaning up the streets in their neighborhood. Hitoshi Namura, Syoma Kajikawa and Michael Syoma, a Cebu-based blogger use their quarantine break to pick garbage around.

Hitoshi Namura, a travel photographer from Japan and an information technology systems analyst,  said on his FB account, “I’m just an ordinary person from Japan who loves Cebu. And since I love Cebu, I would like to make Cebu better and more beautiful. I’m sure Cebu can be more beautiful and the best city in the Philippines.”

However, Namura is aware that this is a big task so he asked, “But I cannot make it come true alone so I need your help. After this pandemic, why don’t you join us?”

Image via Hitoshi Namura | Facebook

There are times when Namura gets disappointed because people don’t seem to care about their environment. They still find plastic in the same place when they come back.

“We went to the same place the 4th time. I was shocked and disappointed because there are many plastic bottles on the ground again! Plastic is really harmful to soil and the Earth. Why can you easily litter? You don’t feel anything?” he said on Facebook.

Michael Syoma has the same sentiments, “Those plastics are saying that I can’t be here. I want to be changed to other things after you use and throw away properly.”

Filipino netizens start to notice them and praise them for the initiative.

Image via Hitoshi Namura | Facebook

“We Filipinos should be very thankful of your group of young Japanese that you help organize the cleanup drive. I pray that we learn the Japanese ways of segregation and cleaning the environment. Loving the environment and everyone that existed in the world. God bless to your group and supporters. May these propagate more in all the Filipino communities.”

Japanese are known for their cleanliness. The culture may be associated to their religion. According to it, their Shinto gods don’t like being dirty. Also, Buddhism emphasizes cleanliness to have a peaceful mind.

It would be quite a shame that this initiative started with them instead of from us. But it is never too late to learn a lesson and join the cause.