KAPA founder Pastor Joel Apolinario gets arrested, hideout reveals he has been living a good life

Image via Pastor Joel Apolinario Supporters Worldwide | Facebook, Image via radyo Bandera Bislig | Facebook
  • KAPA Minister Joel Apolinario was arrested along with 23 others in Lingig town, Surigao del Sur
  • Shared photos show he and his companions has been living a comfortable life
  • Around 30 high powered artillery were also seized in the area

KAPA Community Ministry International Founder Joel Apolinario along with 23 others had been rounded up by authorities on July 21 at an isolated resort in Sitio Dahican, Barangay Handamayan in Lingig town, Surigao del Sur.

Image via PIA- Surigao del Sur | Facebook

Surigao PNP tried to serve warrants but it led to a fatal encounter with Apolinario’s armed men initiating the firefight. Two of his men perished right on the spot while one got wounded.

Some 30 high powered artillery were also seized.

Apolinario was charged with syndicated estafa, issued by Cagayan de Oro regional trial court. No bail was recommended.

Radyo Bandera Bislig released photos of the founder’s hideout on July 21 and it seemed that Joel Apolinario has been living a comfortable life. His mansion is ornamented with house plants, has spacious living rooms, several bedrooms and an indoor and outdoor kitchen. Looking at his fridge, it would seem that he has been serving many people in his house. A large nipa shed stands beside his abode; believed to be a place to do meetings. The couple had been operating a small sari-sari store too.

Image via Radyo Bandera Bislig | Facebook

In February this year, the Bislig Regional Trial Court Branch 29 ordered his detention including his trustee Margie Danao, corporate secretary Reyna Apolinario, and alleged promoters Marisol Diaz, Adelfa Fernandico, Moises Mopia and Reniones Catubigan.

In June 2019, President Duterte warned the public not to patronize investment scams because of its “too good to be true” promises. Apolinario went missing in the same month but appeared once during the rally of its members.

KAPA enticed the public to invest at least P5,000 as “donation” but with a guarantee of 30% interest per month which they call as ‘love gifts” or “monthly blessings”.

Image via Pastor Joel Apolinario Supporters Worldwide | Facebook

Later, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against the religious organization for doing a Ponzi scheme and violations on some policies of  the agency. It had revoked KAPA’s SEC registration in 2019.

Could investors get their money back? According to Regner Peneza from NBI SARDO, it would be possible once the government has taken over KAPA’s properties.

However, earlier reports said there is no guarantee because it depends on the liquidity of the organization at the time it is ordered to return.

Aside from KAPA, several other investment scams have operated following its scheme but none of them were sustained.