‘Humble Queen’: Miss Sinulog 2020, sells ‘siakoy’ amid pandemic to support her family

Image via SIsa Baan } Facebook, Image via Monika J.Afable | Facebook
  • Miss Sinulog 2020 Monika Johnson Afable earned praises online after photos of her selling ‘siakoy’ amid pandemic went viral
  • Dubbed as a humble queen, she sets an example of how beauty goes beyond physical attributes
  • Her family considers her a good daughter who doesn’t mind selling under the heat of the sun just to support them

The COVID pandemic has tested everyone’s resiliency. No one was exempted. The wealthy and the needy, almost everybody was pulled to the same level.

Image via Sisa Balan | Facebook

The formula to survive isn’t an easy one. For some, it has almost flipped their fate out of their comfort zone. But it wouldn’t matter. They need to live.

Miss Sinulog 2020 Monika Johnson Afable of Borongan City, Eastern Samar is one of the few who are not ashamed of what they do for a living this quarantine. Recently, she earned praises online when photos of her selling ‘siakoy’ were posted on social media.

Pageanthology-101 Philippines shared photos of her on Facebook where she carried a plastic containing the food she is selling. They dubbed the young titlist a “humble queen”.

Sisa Balan, believed to be a family member, was the one who took and posted photos of her; saying she is so proud of Monika.  She also revealed that she trained Monika to sell even at a young age for her to know how to have a decent life. For her, Monika is a good daughter, who doesn’t mind selling under the heat of the sun just to support the family.

Image via Sisa Balan | Facebook

“Basehan sa kagandahan, hindi lang sa palabas na anyo, nasa kalooban. Mula nang maliit pa siya, taga-tinda ko na siya ng kakanin. Kailangan sa tao ang madiskarte, para alam niya paano mabuhay nang marangal. Proud ako na napalaki ko siya na mabuting tao. ”

The young lady, even without her crown on and all the glamour still shines with beauty because her good heart, perseverance and resilience beam beyond skin deep.

Relatives, friends and others said she is an inspiration to everyone.

“You are a great inspiration to your fellow youth. Keep it up, Queen Monika.”

“So proud of you, our dearest Pangga. So proud aunt-in-law here. A role model in the midst of the pandemic. A role model for teenagers. Walang bahid ng kaartihan. SALUTE!!!”

Image via Monika J. Afable | Facebook

According to ESTE News, before being crowned as Miss Sinulog 2020, Monika has won in many local beauty pageants since 2018 including Miss ESNCHS, Miss Ando Island, Miss BodyShots (Locsoon), Mutya han Bugas, Miss ESBL 2019, Binibining Baysay Borongan 2019, and Bb. Silangang Samar Turismo (Second Place).

Monika will also represent Cebu for the Miss Millennial Philippines to be aired on Eat Bulaga.