Syrian vlogger gives groceries and cash to a father and son begging for food under the heat of the sun

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube
  • Basel saw a father and son whom he notices are always at the exit of a supermarket begging for food and water
  • When he saw them again, he bought groceries and gave some cash and asked for them to go home right away
  • Basel felt most pity for the kid who is with his father under the scorching heat of the sun

Basel, the Syrian vlogger, noticed a father and son are always at the exit of S&R asking for food and water. He attempted to find them to offer help, but during that time, they were not around.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

He came for the third time. “Here I am today. I’m gonna find them. If they are there, I’ll be making their day for today. I’ll be making them happy. I’ll make their day. I’ll be giving them food and I’ll be giving them money,” he said in his vlog.

Luckily, he saw them both and the father even asked him for some water. Basel rushed inside the supermarket to buy some groceries, including fish, chicken ad vegetables.

He was touched seeing a father who even brought his son standing under 35 degrees heat of the sun asking for food. He felt pity, especially for the kid who should not be in that kind of situation.

Basel approached them and learned that the father doesn’t have a job. Aside from asking money to buy food, they also need it to pay rent for their house. Basel gave them a box of groceries he shopped earlier. They do not eat pork, so Basel has some fish and chicken for them.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

Other than the groceries, the vlogger also gave cash for financial assistance to put up a small business or buy food.

He advised them to go home because the heat is not good for the kid. They obediently followed and left.

“I am really happy and so so satisfied because we did something good today. This was something that I wanted to do a long time ago but didn’t have the chance because every time that I wanted to find them, they are changing place, “ he explained.

Basel’s popularity had increased when he started helping the needy. He may earn a lot from his YouTube videos, but he is always giving them back to the community.

Watch his full vlog here.

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