Chito Miranda shares financial advice that helped him get through the lockdown, says ‘investing’ in his wife is one

Image via Neri Miranda | Facebook, Image via Chito Miranda | Facebook
  • Chito Miranda shared financial advice that helped him prepare for the lockdown when all their gigs were put on hold
  • But unique among what he did was “investing” in his wife, not financially but in terms of giving Neri the time and support she needs to succeed on her own
  • With that, his wife was able to grow financially giving them sustainability amid the lockdown

Chito Miranda shared lessons he learned when it comes to handling his finances.

Image via Neri Miranda | Facebook

“Save what you earn and spend what is left, instead of saving what is left after spending what you earn,” the singer said in his post as his most important learning. Second is not putting all the eggs in one basket.

Fortunately, somebody told him to diversify his investments and sources of income so that just in case one of them fails, he still has other means of living. He used to be skeptical in venturing in business since he wanted to focus all his time and effort on his band, Parokya ni Edgar.

Chito also elaborated on one interesting tip we don’t usually hear among financial advisors.

“Another thing I did was to “invest” in my wife, not necessarily financially, but more of yung time and support she needed for her to succeed on her own.”

He taught Neri how to save and invest.

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Usually, women are in charge of the household and kids. But instead of living by the conventional setup, he would rather tell Neri “Ako muna dito sa bahay. Asikasuhin mo yung mga kailangan mong gawin”. With that, according to him, his wife was able to have time and energy to focus on her goals.

With his support, he revealed that Neri now earns more than him.

“Alam ko na kaya kaming buhayin ng asawa ko sa pamamagitan ng pagbenta ng tuyo, suka, kape, pajama, at bedding. Pam-bed and breakfast lang eh. Hahaha!”

When the lockdown came, their band gigs were put on hold, but he did not worry because he had well prepared himself by generating other sources of income, plus Ner’is online business was doing good.

Image via Chito Miranda | Facebook

He said he is proud of himself for still being a provider but is more proud of his wife because she bought the property he planned to buy but wasn’t able to due to COVID.

“Eto yung bunga ng pagiging ma-ingat at wais ko sa pera, at pagiging supportive na husband,” Chito said.

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