Want to give a dog its forever home? Check this out! These Pomeranians are for adoption

Image via Noli Meme Tangere | Facebook
  • A dog owner is looking for interested adopters of their Pomeranians because they are cutting down on expenses due to COVID and they are leaving the country soon too
  • The new fur parents will be carefully chosen depending on their reason as to why they deserve to adopt these puppies
  • If you are interested, read through some information about this breed to check whether it matches your personality, lifestyle and capacity to meet its grooming expenses

Are you looking for dogs for adoption?

Image via Noli Meme Tangere | Facebook

Noli Meme Tangere posted on Facebook that they are looking for fur moms and dads who are willing to give their pomeranian puppies a forever home. With the effect of COVID-19, they are struggling with their budget and they need to cut down on some expenses, plus they are also leaving for abroad.

They will carefully choose the most beautiful heartwarming stories on why you deserve to adopt these puppies.

If you are seriously interested, please see the original post here and message them directly.

Every dog has unique qualities specific to their breed. We will then give you a brief background on the Pomeranian breed.

Image via Noli Meme Tangere | Facebook


This breed came from the Arctic and is the smaller version of the breed Spitz. Pomeranians are related to the husky and malamutes.

In the late 1800s, Queen Victoria brought some of these home while she was on vacation and started breeding them. She had them join dog show competitions and even earned some awards.

Did you know that Mozart and Chopin have dedicated songs to Pomeranians? The artist, Michaelangelo, has one of these dogs too.

Physical attributes

Pomeranians have thick fluffy fur, which makes them look cute as toy dogs. They only grow up to a height of 6-7 inches and weigh between 3-7 pounds.


They are highly intelligent and observant. Even if they are small, they walk with confidence like a 10 feet tall dog. They prefer staying indoors and love being with humans.

Image via Noli Meme Tangere | Facebook


As pups, minimal bathing and brushing are advised, but as they grow older, their fur thickens, so regular grooming is recommended to prevent their hair from matting. You may want to go for the classic teddy bear cut for your Poms. Their ears need to be cleaned and their nails need regular trimming too.

Energy level

They like to be on your lap, but socialization with other dogs is also essential for them. Just make sure they are with dogs similar to their size.

They can live from 12-16 years.

If you think your personality, lifestyle and income are aligned with proper caring of these dogs, please consider adopting rather than buying at pet shops.

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