Heart Evangelista feeds a stray kitten, encourages animal adoption

Image via iamhearte | Instagram
  • Heart Evangelista once again showed her genuine concern for stray animals
  • Her latest post shows a photo of her feeding a kitten she said she can’t stop thinking about
  • As an animal welfare advocate, she reiterated her campaign to adopt strays when looking for a pet

Heart Evangelista always has a soft spot for stray animals.

Image via Heart Evangelista | Facebook

In her social media account, she posted an update about seeing a kitten that she can’t stop thinking about. She then added a photo of her feeding the tiny stray. The poor little cat with rugged white fur wasn’t at all intimidated but eagerly welcomed her offer.

“What may seem small to you can mean the world to them. Met this angel a while ago and I can’t stop thinking about her. If I had a superpower, it would be to give every single stray cat and dog a loving home.”

As an animal lover and PAWS ambassador, the actress never misses out to emphasize on adopting strays.

“To anyone out there looking for a pet, I hope you consider adopting instead. You will change their lives, and they will also change yours.”

Aside from dogs, the Kapuso star also loves to adopt cats and give them special treatment in her home. In May 2019, she said, “As a lot of you know, I love cats, love fostering and adopting them into my home.”

Image via iamhearte | Instagram

In December 2018, she took home a kitten she found near the trash bin while having an outdoor run. She named her Linger.

Her love for animals has started even at a young age since their family has always lived with dogs.

One time, a female native dog came rushing into their home to escape from the bad guys who plan to capture her. Heart’s father, also a true animal lover, was furious and reported the would-be dog butchers to the barangay.

They adopted the dog and that incident made her promise to always speak out for helpless animals.

Heart owns many aspins. One of them is Panda, who also had a share of the limelight for having quite a luxurious treatment and lifestyle.