Hero family dog ‘tackles’ intruder, owner says guarding behavior is not natural but achieved through training

Image via Tmage via Atche Na | Facebook , Image via Top Dog Cebu | Facebook
  • A dog in Cebu prevented an intruder from possibly robbing master’s house
  • The intruder was hurt as seen from the evidence of the break-in
  • The dog owner warned the public that it was with proper training that his dog responded accurately to the intrusion

A dog is undoubtedly a man’s best friend. This fact has been proven countless times. Read on to know how one dog was able to guard his master’s property, as expected of him.

Image via Atche Na | Facebook

A family dog in Naga, Cebu named Scar has prevented a suspected burglar from successfully performing his wicked plan.

According to the reporter Atche Na, Scar, a German Shepherd dog, was left in the house on the morning of August 3 when the owner went out to buy some food. An intruder sneaked inside the property after breaking a door. Little did he know that Scar was inside.

Seeing the evidence, we can only imagine the terrible fate the trespasser encountered. Blood was all over the floor, which means Scar never got off him until he was able to escape. As per reports, six more dogs were inside the property and luckily, they did not maul him.

Thankfully, nothing was lost and Scar is fine! Wow, their hero dog is amazing.

Image via Atche Na | Facebook

Instantly, Scar is dubbed the hero dog of Cebu and animal lovers have so many words of praises for him.

Mike, the owner, updated his followers through Top Dog Cebu Facebook page, “For everyone that is asking, Scar is fine. Nothing is missing. I want everyone to know that we are fine and we really appreciate your support and warm wishes.”

However, the owner also made some clarifications about his dogs.

First, he made it clear that his dogs are not vicious. They are completely under control and safe around children.

Second, he said that guarding is “not natural” to dogs. They need the training for at least a year to respond properly to threat. Many YouTube videos show that in some experiments, not all dogs have that guard dog instinct when faced by an intruder.

Image via Top Dog Cebu | Facebook

Lastly, he seldom posts about his dogs for security reasons. The intruders may just poison them next time when they want to loot.

We agree. This goes out to all who have dogs and display them all the time on social media. You are exposing your security measures as well.

Scar has defended their property successfully because, aside from his instinct, he has been trained well to do so. But he can still be a tamed dog with a calm temperament around family members.

Becoming a dog owner entails the responsibility of managing their behavior as unique in every breed. We shouldn’t just pick or adopt any dog we want without knowing if we can handle its temperament and if it can match our lifestyle.

Yes, dogs are man’s best friend but only when we also do our part responsibly.