Lolit Solis lauds Andi Eigenmann for her simple yet happy life: ‘Ang galing ng choice niya sa life’

Image via Lolit Solis | Instagram
  • Lolit Solis brought to Instagram her admiration on Andi Eigenmann’s chosen fate in life
  • It made her think that every person has their own standard of happiness
  • She lauded Andi for making a good choice in finding what makes her happy and pursuing it

Lolit Solis has nothing but words of admiration on Andi Eigenmann’s simple yet happy life in Siargao.

Image via Lolit Solis | Instagram

The entertainment columnist and talent manager posted a photo of Andi carrying her second baby, Lilo. She then described what she thought of Andi’s current life in Siargao. She believed that every person has his own standard of happiness.

“Pag nakikita mo iyon happiness ni Andi Eigenmann sa kanyang pagtira sa Siargao maiisip mo na talagang bawat tao meron own standard of happiness.”

For her, it is something unexpected for an actress who used to be active in showbiz and even in nightlife but now keeps a low-key life as a plain housewife.

“Maiisip mo ba na ang isang artista na tulad ni Andi na busy noon at medyo active din ang party life, heto at masaya bilang isang ordinaryong maybahay sa Siargao.”

She praised Andi for making a good choice,” Ang galing ng choice niya sa life, iyon talagang mas pinili niya ang simple at tahimik na buhay away from the crowd.” She continued,”Ang galing dahil ipinakita niya anywhere puwede ka maging happy, at hindi mahirap ang choice panindigan mo lang.”

Lastly, she lauded Andi for finding and standing by what really makes her happy.

“Salute Andi, you really found your happiness and stick to it. Good choice.”

Image via Andi Eigenmann | Instagram

Andi Eigenmann has been living in Siargao since 2019. The former actress found love on the beautiful island when she met Philmar Alipayo, a champion surfer. Supposedly just a quick break from showbiz, but her passion for waters and island living grounded her there since then.

The couple is blessed with a baby girl, Lilo, who has recently turned one.

Andi shares insights of her island living, life as a mom, partner, body positivity, true meaning of happiness and, of course, beach-related activities on her YouTube channel Happy Islanders being followed by 1.3M subscribers.

In July, she received her YouTube gold play button award, or the Gold Creator Award. The recognition is given to YouTubers with at least a million subscribers.