Look: Dad with awesome carpentry skills makes wood tablet casing for son’s gadget

Image via Mai Pimentel De Dios | Facebook
  • A carpenter dad made a wood casing for his son’s tablet so that they need not buy one
  • Aside from giving it protection,  the casing can stand both on portrait and landscape position by inserting pieces of wood
  • Many requested and are willing to pay to order, but he can not replicate his masterpiece because it is specially made for his son

Sometimes when our gadget’s accessories are broken, we immediately go to shops or browse online to buy what we need. But this family showed that you could produce one at zero cost. All it needs is just some basic carpentry skills.

Image via Mai Pimentel De Dios | Facebook

Mae Pimentel de Dios’s husband told her that he would be making a wood tablet casing for their son’s gadget so that she doesn’t need to buy anymore. She was quite skeptical at first, but after a few hours, she was surprised to see his labor of love.

The tablet was perfectly enclosed in the wood casing. Even if it looks bigger than the usual silicon case and the like, this is lightweight and is easy to carry by slipping your hand on the side with a large rectangular hole. You can slip a small wood in the same hole and it can now stand in portrait position. Insert another piece of wood on the other end at the back of the casing, then you can let your tablet stand in landscape position.

The cover also has holes for the camera, charger, speaker and home button. Such a brilliant idea, isn’t it?

Image via Mai Pimentel De Dios | Facebook

It is made from palochina wood and were stuck together using wood glue. These materials were scraps from their previous projects at home.

Mae shared some photos to an FB group and they can’t help but envy her husband’s creation. Many asked if they can order for their gadgets too; however, Mae revealed to us that her husband doesn’t want to make another copy because his masterpiece is specially made only for his son. Aww.

Her husband used to be a banker, left his job and is now a full-time carpenter. He is into woodworks and his talent is evident in their home’s interior.

From this, we can learn that not all things need to be bought. If we have the skill and creativity, there will always be ingenious ideas as  alternative.

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