Achieved! Mall employee aspires to have 3 BR-house for parents, shares her story on socmed to inspire others

Image via Naz Arene | Facebook
  • A mall employee was able to build a three-bedroom house for her parents
  • She shared her story in a social media group to inspire everyone that it can be possible even for an ordinary employee and online seller like her
  • She built the house for her parents because she wanted to give back in return for their sacrifices while they are still with her

A woman has proven you do not need to work abroad to build a house in the Philippines.

Image via Naz Arene | Facebook

Naz Arene posted on the FB group Lovely House Designs the fruit of her hard work to inspire everyone.

“Just wanna share this, my big blessing sent from above to inspire you guys,” she said on her post.

Arene shared a photo of the exterior of her beautiful home. She mentioned that she had the house built for her parents because she believes that as children, we must give back in return for their sacrifices while they are still here and alive.

The house is located in Nueva Ecija, for she prefers her parents, who are already senior citizens, to stay there for good. In the province, they can have a better house, fresh air and a simpler life.

What surprises netizens is that she is not an OFW or an employee in a high ranking position. Arene, 26, works at H&M and does online selling on the side.

Irene is the youngest of seven siblings. She is the only one left unmarried.

The house construction started in January but was put on hold in March due to the lockdown. The construction resumed in June and this is the latest look with only the painting job left to be done.

The design allows a second-floor provision, but she said that she still needs to save for it for the future.

She admitted that life is hard during the pandemic, but nothing is impossible when you strive for your goal.

“Medyo mahirap ang buhay, especially this time of the pandemic, but if you really push on your goal, kahit paunti-unti walang impossible.”

Image via Naz Arene | Facebook

Many were inspired by her story and praised her achievement.

“Wow! Naz Arene, you are really an inspiration to the young people and young alike. For a 26 years old woman, that is a big accomplishment, especially for someone that hasn’t been out of the country. Keep up the good work, young woman. I’m sure your parents are extremely proud of you. Enjoy. Congratulations,” Eloisa Domingo commented.

Arene feels fulfilled. Even if it took her time to build a house, with hard work and perseverance, she gave her parents the chance to have a decent home.

Congratulations, Naz Arene!

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