Matteo Guidicelli thanks wife’s family for ‘allowing Sarah to be who she is today’

Image via Facebook | Landers
  • Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli became emotional as they thanked their families and each other in an online show
  • Matteo thanked Sarah’s family for letting her be who she is today
  • The couple also exchanged messages of gratitude for each other

If there is one thing that the pandemic taught Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli, it is to be grateful for everything they have in life. This is why they became emotional when they expressed gratitude to their families during their online show recently.

Image via Facebook | Landers

“We love you. To my daddy, my Mama, Ate Cheng, Ate Shine, Gab, at sa lahat ng aking dogs, I love you all so, so, so, so much,” Sarah said.

Matteo, on the other hand, thanked Sarah’s family for letting her be who she is.

“Thank you very much for loving Sarah and allowing Sarah to be who she is today. ‘Cause again without our families, we wouldn’t be here, so maraming salamat,” Matteo, who also thanked his parents for loving Sarah like their own daughter, said.

The couple also took the opportunity to thank each other for their, love and support as they journey into the married life.

“Thank you very much for being you all the time, and not faking who you are not just to me but to my family and to our friends… But I trust in you and in God that you’re learning every single day to be a stronger woman,” Matteo narrated.

Image via Instagram | Matteo Guidicelli

“I love you for that because you’re learning about life every single day. You’re becoming a stronger, more independent, bulletproof woman every day. I am seeing it from my own eyes. I am very proud of you and I will love you for the rest of my life.”

Meanwhile, Sarah said she is grateful that Matteo is always there to support her not out of obligation but out of love.

“Alam n’yo po, spoiled ako rito kay Matt. ‘Yong babae, ang role is siya ‘yong nagluluto all the time, siya ‘yong nag-aasikaso sa asawa. Pero baligtad sa amin. Siya ‘yong ganoon.”

Sarah and Matteo got married in a secret wedding early this year.

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