Mother works as food courier, brings her two kids along

Image via Natie Artistry | Facebook
  • A young mom in Russia was photographed bringing her two kids while making a food delivery
  • The photo circulated on the internet, gaining praises because of her hard work and devotion to her kids
  • However, the media caught different stories surrounding her popularity for bringing her kids at work

Some moms’ bond with their children seem exceptional as they can’t leave them at home or entrust them to someone else while at work.

Image via Natie Artistry | Facebook

A photo of a Russian mom spotted at a subway in Moscow circulated online. She was seen carrying a thermal bag used in food delivery. But what makes the photo more eye-catching is the presence of her two kids. Her back carries the bag while each of her hands holds a kid. One is sleeping on her left arm while another is standing between her legs.

The scenario is such a handful for a mom alone. But looking at her face, she doesn’t seem affected.

Natie Artistry posted this photo on August 4 and it earned a massive response among netizens reaching 80k reactions, 2.2k comments and 65k shares as of writing. Netizens adored her for doing two difficult things at the same time.

According to an article by Mothership, the beautiful mom is Lada Koroleva, 19 years old. Digging deeper into her story, Lada is famous on social media due to her unique motherhood ability.

In fact, on her latest Instagram post, she asks for suggestions on work that earns a daily payment, but she has one condition.

Image via lova_angela1206 | Instagram

“The delivery mask is very large, what face is it designed for? Can someone suggest options for remote work without investment with daily payment? I can go to clean the apartments to you, the main condition is I bring with me my daughters and that’s it. We love everyone. I will show everything in stories,” she said.

However, there had been different stories on her life. One story says she wanted to be a young and independent mom; the reason she moved away from her mother. She works, bringing her children because she wants to spend time with them and doesn’t want to rely on her husband.

Another version says that she claims her husband isn’t helping her at home and is just busy gaming. He was also made to join the army, according to her.

Image via lova_angela1206 | Instagram

At 18 years old,  she was photographed delivering food while bringing her seven months old baby with her. With that, she gained sympathy from the public and has received financial support from them.

But in November 2019, she came out on social media with another baby. This made the public speculate about the real status between her and her husband.

Is she doing her food deliveries with her kids to show a stint and earn public sympathy?

Many doubt her. But one thing is for sure. She is one tough mama, isn’t she?