‘Don’t be so hard on teachers right now’: Boyfriend reveals the sacrifices his teacher GF has to make

Image via Finding Tom | Facebook
  • A boyfriend shared how his girlfriend, who’s a teacher, works hard to perform her role
  • He has witnessed how she works tirelessly from 7 AM-1 AM, preparing slides and talking 4 hours a day
  • With this, he appeals to students and parents not to be so hard on teachers as behind the scenes they also have their share of hardships

If students have some difficulties in adjusting to the new normal in education, on the other hand, teachers have their share of struggles, too.

Image via Finding Tom | Facebook

Tom, a blogger known for his page “Finding Tom,” has witnessed how his girlfriend, a teacher, makes sacrifices to live up to the oath of her profession.

On his page, he shared, “It’s so hard to be a teacher online. This is my girlfriend, Lara. She normally works from 7 AM – 1 AM. No, I am not exaggerating.”

Tom said that getting the students’ attention while in a classroom is already quite challenging and teaching online is ten times harder.

Every day, she sees Lara talking for four hours and he is just amazed how much energy she consumes to teach and extend her patience when students lose their attention.

“Nobody knows how much she is working, but I do, “ Tom said.

Tom has seen her frustrated at times when her computer can’t handle her tasks. Now that she is busier than before, she regrets that she couldn’t cook anymore and take care of him. Fortunately, he understands how much time her job demands from her.

“She got it all wrong. I’ll take care of her now. Yes, I’ll do the cooking. Yes, I’ll do the cleaning. My biggest regret is that she has to do this every day. Working from 7 AM – 1 AM making powerpoints, taking criticism from parents when she’s doing her best, and not complaining at all. It’s incredible.”

Image via Finding Tom | Facebook

With this, Tom has an appeal.

“Don’t be so hard on the teachers right now. This is not the ideal situation for anybody involved. If your child is learning just one thing every day, that should be celebrated, because it’s a miracle they’re able to learn right now. If this happened thirty years ago, none of this would be possible.”

We did not expect how much of our lives will be changed due to the COVID pandemic. The shift is never easy. Birth pains will always be there. But at least we can find a way to still get our lives running.

So for every student attending an online class, let us remember that there is a teacher who makes sure their time is never wasted.

Kudos to our educators!

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