President Duterte on health workers’ plea: ‘Huwag kayo magsigaw-sigaw rebolusyon’

Image capture of video by Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) via Facebook
  • President Duterte addressed the request of the medical workers to bring back the Mega Manila to ECQ to give them a “timeout” from COVID burnout
  • However, the president also expressed his disappointment over the health sector’s threatening revolution that seems to demean the government
  • He challenged them to go on revolution for he will tap the reservists, military and its doctors and nurses to be the frontline against COVID instead

President Rodrigo Duterte acknowledged the plea of the health sector requesting for a “timeout” and bring back the Mega Manila to enhanced community quarantine. However, he also voiced his disappointment because the medical health workers’ intention seems to “demean the government.”

Image capture of video by Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) via Facebook

President Duterte called for key cabinet members meeting on Sunday night to address the issues and concerns of the medical sector.

He initially sympathized with the medical frontliners agreeing that they are “bone-weary” after many months of battling COVID. He emphasized that medical professionals are on the frontline against COVID because they are the ones learned in the field. But if they give up, the country has no one else to rely on. With that, he is asking them to extend their patience.

“We are aware that you are tired, that you have worked even beyond 24 hours a day. Pero ito kasi ‘yong wala kaming matakbuhan. Kayo ‘yong nag-aral. Kayo ‘yong may alam,” he said.

However, he added, “Kung sabihin ninyo you raise the spectacle of agony ninyo, you treat it as if you are about ready to stop work, huwag naman gano’n kasi kawawa ang mga kababayan. Sino ang aasahan namin?”

Duterte assured that the government will not leave its workers behind. The government does its best “to alleviate the situation” and assist the health workers.

But the president changed his tone in dismay over the medical workers’ appeal.

“Pero huwag kayo magsigaw-sigaw rebolusyon. Sa totoo. Magsabi ka rebolusyon, go ahead, try it. Sirain natin, patayin natin lahat ng mga may COVID. Is that what you want? We can always end our existence in this manner.”

Image capture of video by Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) via Facebook

“I dare you, do it,” he said. He continued, “Kayo ang makatulong sana at wala kayong ginagawa, puro magreklamo…what can I do? I have always been praying to God for a vaccine.”

He warned, “Do not try to demean government. You are not actually criticizing. You demean my government, your own government.”

Duterte blamed the lack of funds has limited the government’s response to COVID. The health workers could have sent him a letter or ask for an audience for their request rather than ranting in public.

If doctors and nurses will stop working, he mentioned that he could mobilize the reservists and the military to work for the government. He also encouraged the non-government health workers to apply because it pays more.

Nevertheless, he assured the health workers in the private sector that they will find ways to provide benefits such as insurance, free accommodation, free transportation and free COVID testing.

Duterte has granted a two-week modified enhanced community quarantine for the National Capital Region and the provinces of Bulacan, Laguna, Cavite, and Rizal starting August 4.

Watch the recorded live streaming here.

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