‘Riders of the Philippines’ respond to easing of barriers for riders and passengers from the same household

Image via InsideRACING Magazine | Facebook, Image via Canva
  • The Riders of the Philippines group released a statement in response to the easing of the need for motorcycle barriers in pillion riding
  • While they appreciate the latest development, they also appeal for consideration on the requirement in wearing a full-face helmet
  • According to them, whether it is a full-face or half-face helmet, the same level of protection is provided when wearing medically recommended face masks

The Joint Task Force COVID Shield announced on August 18, Tuesday, that the motorcycle barrier is no longer a requirement for riders living in the same house effective on Wednesday. This rule applies to areas under general community quarantine.

Image via InsideRACING Magazine | Facebook

The group “Riders of the Philippines” released a statement in reaction to the new development.

“We welcome the latest development coming from the Joint Task Force COVID Shield that the barrier is no longer required for riders and passengers from the same household.”

However, they have an appeal.

“We would just like to appeal the need to limit the requirement to full face as a vast number of motorcycle users are using half or open face helmets but, has a shield that covers the face until the user’s chin. Coupled with a medically recommended face mask, the same level of protection is still intact, whether it be a full face or open/half face helmet.

This is in response to the updated implementing guidelines of the Philippine National Police, which requires both riders to wear face masks and full-face helmets.

Still, the group expressed their appreciation and are willing to work with authorities in the implementation of these guidelines.

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“Nonetheless, in appreciation of this effort, our groups will take part in operation HABAL WATCH and report them to avoid the abuse of this decision and to protect the riding public.

Again, we are extending our gratitude and would like to let you know that we are here to work with you for as long as it benefits both sides and does not undermine safety.”

To the men and women of the JTF, salute!”

Previously, the majority of riders have vehemently opposed the motorcycle barrier because it does not justify the need for persons living in the same household.

In the easing of the restrictions, riders need to show proof that they reside in the same house as announced by Police Lt. Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, commander of the JTF COVID Shield.

Additionally, the back-rider must be listed as Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) and the motorcycle should not be for hire.