Stray dog wins the heart of employees, gets promoted as car sales agent, gets his own ID

Image via Hyundai Brazil | Instagram
  • A stray dog was adopted and got promoted as an official employee at a car showroom in Brazil
  • The dog used to stay outside the establishment and finally gained the heart of the employees
  • Earlier, a cat was hired in a law firm in Brazil after staying in the office to seek shelter during a storm

A street dog in Brazil has a special role in a car showroom.

Image via Hyundai Brazil | Instagram

Tucson Prime used to be a street dog who hangs out at a Hyundai showroom but later has slowly won the hearts of the employees. Just recently, he reached another milestone as he was promoted as a car salesman after being adopted in May this year. Now he greets customers at Serra in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil.

Hyundai Brazil shared the good news on their Instagram account.

“The new member is about a year old, was welcomed by the #Hyundai family and has already won over co-workers and customers with his sympathy – and if he also just won yours, double-tap the photo.”

Image via Hyundai Brazil | Instagram

Hyundai Brazil shared photos of Tucson in which you can see his oozing confidence as a real sales agent. To make his employment official, the company gave him an ID.

The post went viral around the world. It earned 35k likes. Animal lover groups were among those that picked up the news and shared it on  their pages.

For those who want to see more of his photos, the lucky dog now has his own Instagram account. With only three weeks since his first post, Tucson has gained 43k followers and still counting.

Stray cat lands a ‘job’ at a law firm in Brazil

This is not the first time in Brazil that a stray animal was hired and became one of the employees.

Last year, a stray cat happened to seek shelter in a law firm office while the rain was pouring outside. He began to feel comfortable with people around and the employees liked him greeting people at the reception. Soon he was hired and given his own ID.

Image via @dr_leon_advogato | Instagram

ID picture ng barangay dog frontliner na si Chi-chi, kinaaliwan sa socmed

In the Philippines, a dog named Chi-Chi became Manila City’s official frontliner and joins barangay officials in patrolling the area.

This concludes that animals can be a member of the workforce. They bring in good vibes, relieve stress and can definitely put a smile on your face.

Image via Jake Ryan Diasanta Ramos | Facebook