Why are cats a great companion for your kids? Here are four reasons you need to know

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  • Cats can be a great companion for your kids because they give them a lot of benefits
  • Caring for cats teaches them how to respect animals, have patience and be responsible 

Do your kids love pets? Think about cats. They can be a great addition to your family and they give your kids a lot of benefits.

Here are four reasons that will help you decide why cats can be a great companion for kids.

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Cats teach kids how to respect animals.

Especially when kids are exposed to a tiny kitten, they learn to be gentle and careful in handling them. It also encourages them to share their time, effort and resources.

Cats teach patience.

Unlike dogs who leap with excitement when meeting their humans, cats are more laid back. This teaches the kids a more different approach. For a new cat who has just arrived in the family, give it time to explore first its surroundings until it is comfortable to come near his humans for interaction and socialization.

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Cats teach kids to be responsible.

As your kids become more attached to their furry friends, they become more responsible; taking charge of some assignments like feeding them and giving water. In the process, it increases a child’s self-esteem as they feel they can manage simple tasks like this.

Kids who are with cats are less prone to allergies.

Studies show that when a baby is exposed to cats and dogs in his first year, he will likely have a stronger immune system, fewer chances to have respiratory infections and colds and less prone to allergies and asthma later on in life.

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Plus, if you live in a small space and don’t have much time to go for a walk, cats are a more preferred companion than dogs. They prefer to stay indoors and do not require a walk in the park. They are hygienic animals too. They can clean themselves. That saves you from frequent parlor visits.

Cats are low maintenance pets and they can live with you for a long time; for up to 16 years.

And if you are planning to buy one, try visiting some shelters first. The perfect companion may be just there waiting for you.