Woman buys ‘instant veneers’ online, vlogs about it, ends up looking hilarious

Image capture of video by Mary Sharapova via Facebook
  • A woman shopped for a set of ‘veneers’ online in hopes of having a more beautiful smile
  • She vlogged her unboxing and eagerly tried it on without reading the instruction
  • But she did not expect to be ‘scammed’ cause she ends up looking hilarious wearing it

Shopping while at home is so convenient these days. With the existence of online shopping apps, browsing for items easily tempts us to buy and try out the products we want.

Image capture of video by Mary Sharapova via Facebook

Mary Sharapova is one of those who love to shop via her fingertips. In her hopes to have a more beautiful smile with perfectly arranged white teeth, she bought Perfect Smile Veneers, which promises to give the wearer a one million dollar smile instantly. It is a snap-on fake veneer sold from P60 to almost a hundred pesos online.

The day came when her order arrived and she was so excited to share it in a vlog, especially that she has waited for three months for the product to arrive.

Without reading any instructions on the box, she eagerly opened it and pulled a transparent plastic with the fake veneers inside.

“This is the trending veneers you put on your teeth to cover a missing tooth if you have,” she said.

She pulled the material from the box and, without wasting a minute, put it on her upper teeth. At first, it doesn’t seem to fit, so she tried to snap it in place again. But it just doesn’t seem to fit. Why?

When she finally had it in place, she can’t believe she looked hilarious! Nobody wants to look like that, like the teeth of a horse in a rage. Lol.

Image capture of video by Mary Sharapova via Facebook

“I’m sorry, guys. Not recommended!” she said in frustration. While still in disbelief over the outcome, she ended filming right away.

The funny product review gave netizens a good laugh, though.

According to some, Mary just missed checking on the instruction; that was why it failed on her. The item needs to be soaked in hot water for it to become soft and can snug in your teeth comfortably. Lol.

Her video now has nearly 2 million views, 38K reactions and more than 85k shares.

What do you think after this review? Would you still purchase one?

Watch her hilarious vlog here.

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