Acoustic singer who lost his job earns again through online busking and ‘harana’

Image capture of video by GMA Public Affairs via YouTube
  • An acoustic singer used to earn at least P2,500 every night performing in the bars of Boracay
  • However, COVID came and he lost his job when businesses struggled to survive
  • Through singing online, he soon started to earn again in order to support his family

Think of a beach with white sand, Boracay always comes in mind. This small island in the central Philippines offers an exciting resort experience with its wide array of restaurants and bars

Image capture of video by GMA Public Affairs via YouTube

However, when COVID struck, the busy nightlife was silenced. Tourist travel was restricted that led to the shutdown of many businesses. Consecutively, it affected many workers and entertainers.

Jayson Plaza, an acoustic singer, is among those who lost his job when bars were struggling to survive the effects of the quarantine. He used to earn P2,500-P3,000 every night or P100,000 in a month from performing.

In a feature by GMA Public Affairs program called Pera-Paraan, Jayson revealed that he went home to his family in Capiz.

He tried online busking on Facebook. It is when you perform your talent and earn by receiving tips from your viewers. This has long been existing on the streets but the pandemic gave musicians and performers the idea to do it online, the new normal of earning among entertainers.

Image capture of video by GMA Public Affairs via YouTube

Jayson’s audience grew and he is earning as much as P10,000 a night. His Facebook followers who await his regular live sessions reached 8,000. Aside from singing live on Facebook, Jayson also offers online harana for only P400 wherein he sings a song for a specific guest. This way, he can continue to provide for his family throughout the pandemic.

The quarantine may have temporarily ceased his work at the resort but by being resilient Jayson was still able to generate income without veering away from what he used to do.

Watch the whole episode here.

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YouTube, GMA News