Angel Locsin, Neil Arce postpone wedding this year; to wait for things to get better

Image via Angel Locsin | Instagram
  • Angel Locsin and Neil Arce moved the wedding date to early next year due to the ongoing quarantine
  • Locsin revealed that they need to repeat the arrangements since the pandemic affected their plans
  • Arce also defended Locsin against her bashers, saying she has no hidden agenda and that she is just like that

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce have the most anticipated wedding of 2020. Details if their schedule remain confidential. However, as the pandemic continues, the couple has finally decided to give an update to their fans.

Image via Neil Arce | Instagram

In an interview by Metro.Style, Arce revealed that they agreed to reschedule their wedding, which is supposed to happen in November to early next year. However, they are still taking into account how the pandemic situation is by then.

They also entertained having an intimate wedding while the quarantine continues, but they opted to wait for things to get better to have a bigger celebration.

He said they could not go for a small wedding since they have a group of friends who want to be there; to stay and “chill and relax” on their special day. Furthermore, Locsin has, in the past, chosen not to attend her prom and did not go for a grandiose debut party.

“So this is the only big party she’s going to have,” Arce justified.

Locsin admitted that with all these changes, they need to repeat the planning all over again. Initially, everything was done already. She also confessed that her fiance is more bridezilla than her in the wedding preparations that all she has to do is to say yes or no to him.

The couple admitted that the quarantine only made them stronger. Even with their differences in personalities, they complement each other.

Image via Neil Arce | Instagram

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Arce said, “We saw na we could work together. We work well together. The things that she needs, that she can’t do, I can provide. The things that I can’t do or I need, she can provide.”

Arce also defended Locsin against her bashers; saying that she doesn’t take photos of her charity works and it only happens when there are sponsors that she needs to document.

“With her, there are no hidden agendas, nothing like that. It’s just really her.”

Angel Locsin is on the cover of the latest edition of Metro.Style magazine. Neil photographed her.

They have been engaged since June 2019.