Animal lover carols online to create awareness, raise funds for dog shelter

Image capture of video by Third D TV via Facebook, Image via Donnabel Guinto | Facebook
  • A concerned animal lover wants to share the message that Christmas isn’t just for us but also for animals like dogs
  • He wants to help a shelter that has been striving to stay afloat amid the pandemic
  • He sang a Christmas carol to bring more meaning to his message and is encouraging others to donate to the shelter

As soon as the ber months came, people start thinking about Christmas. While most of us perceive that this occasion is celebrated with our loved ones, an animal lover thinks beyond that.

Image capture of video by Third D TV via Facebook

The owner of the Third D TV Facebook page did online caroling for a cause to help a dog shelter in Leyte.

Yes, Christmas isn’t just for the people but also for all who live in the world just like the ones we consider “man’s best friend” in the care of the Furry Tales Hinundayan Shelter in Leyte. As an animal lover, I want to be able to bring an early Christmas for them in my own simple way.

I am dedicating this video to reach your hearts to help them sustain their needs and for Furry Tails Hnundayan Shelter to continue their advocacy to help their needy furry friends,” he said in his video.

Following this, he then played a Christmas song by Jose Marie Chan, Perfect Christmas. While singing one of the popular holiday season classics, he showed some photos of the shelter.

He did not ask for donations straight to his pocket but instead advised those who are interested in giving to contact the shelter founder, Donnabel Guinto, directly through her FB page.

Image via Donnabel Guinto | Facebook

Donnabel and her husband have been feeding stray dogs for seven years. Unfortunately, the Department of Agriculture started taking these dogs in response to the anti-rabies act. So they built a shelter in January to rescue the unclaimed dogs from the pound. Because if not, these poor dogs will be put down.

In June, the shelter housed 102 dogs and it is struggling to raise funds to sustain all their expenses due to the pandemic. Donations have declined.

Hopefully, with efforts coming from the Third D TV, the call to help will be reignited and amplified to reach out to more animal lovers.

Watch his online carol here.