Motivated by desire to help his mother, this nine-year-old boy works as a street mascot

Image via rhmadii_ | Instagram
  • A nine-year-old boy from Indonesia works as a street mascot to entertain drivers and passers-by
  • He rises early every day to go to work and wears costumes of various famous characters
  • He decided to work to help his mother

While some kids spend their spare time on their gadgets to entertain themselves, a nine-year-old boy from Indonesia is already out in the streets for work.

Image via rhmadii_ | Instagram

Instagram user rhmadii_ saw this boy while having his break and had a chance to know his story. The boy’s name is Reehan, a street mascot at Jalan Gatot Sobroto.

According to Reehan, he has to wake up early each morning, even before the sun rises and walks 10 km from his house before arriving. His job is to entertain the drivers stuck in traffic or the office workers passing by.

Many people appreciate Reehan’s efforts because it distracts them from boredom on the busy street. However, it also raised concerns for some since entertainment jobs like these are performed by minors, which can be an example of child exploitation.

But for Reehan, his motivation to work is to help his mother.  She works odd jobs, but their money is only enough to pay for the rent. Any remaining amount is set aside for Reehan’s school fees.

He confessed that his pay is not bad since he can bring food for his family.

Image via rhmadii_ | Instagram

As for his costume, he changes into different characters every day. His costume provider lets him choose from a wide selection of doll heads like Dora the Explorer, Upin and Ipin and Spongebob Squarepants. Reehan rents his costumes but has no idea of the cost since his mother pays for it.

After working, he spends time playing soccer in the afternoon. In the evening, he goes home with his mother after cleaning the Alfamart yard jl.

Reehan was asked whether he and his mother are ok with his current job. He stated that he is happy since he can give money to her. Though, he admitted that sometimes he feels weary because he needs to walk 10km from his house.

All praises to you, young man, for being a good son!