Cat climbs high voltage power line, stays there for hours; BFP comes to the rescue

Image via BACH Project Ph | Facebook
  • Cats love to climb for fun and it also gives them a feeling of security from their predators
  • However, one cat has gone up to a dangerous power line and was stuck for hours, unable to go down safely
  • Fortunately, the BFP in the area came to the rescue and she was brought to safety

We all know that cats love to climb. They would crawl up on almost anything like trees, cabinets, refrigerators, roofs and so much more. Unfortunately, sometimes, it does them more harm than fun.

Image via Pixabay | Facebook

BACH Project Ph relayed a story of how a cat in Bacolod brought itself to danger and was luckily saved with human intervention. This calico cat named Jackie was stuck in a pole of tangled high voltage wires for hours and was left there meowing, unable to go down. Her owner, Miss Jaja Llena Ibarreta, shared that Jackie went up to the pole after being chased by a dog. Now, she doesn’t know how to go back down safely.

Fortunately, the Bureau of Fire Protection – Bacolod came to the rescue. Using their truck, the personnel went up to Jackie and successfully took her off the pole. Luckily, nothing bad happened to her while waiting for help.

Image via BACH Project Ph | Facebook

Jackie ran off hiding after that. Ibarreta and her neighbors are still waiting for her to come back. So far, they did not spot any injuries on her.

Jackie is among four of Ibarreta’s rescued cats. According to her, the calico cat is the aloof one and just got spayed.

The BFP- Bacolod, received appreciation from concerned individuals and netizens for the immediate action. The Cat People of Bacolod were also instrumental in reporting the incident and seeking help to save the feline.

Though cats are expert climbers, it is still good to keep on eye on them, for they may put themselves at risk sometimes.

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