Couple makes lifesize cardboard cutout images of their guests so they can ‘attend’ wedding

Image via Hawaiian Shirt Photography | Facebook
  • A couple in England made lifesize cardboard cutouts of their guests on their wedding day
  • They came up with this unique idea due to the restrictions on the number of guests due to COVID-19
  • Scan through the lovely photos of their special day and be stunned by their creativity

Because of COVID-19, weddings took a different turn this year. While others were put on hold and moved to a later schedule, some still pushed through. However, strict health protocols need to be followed.

Image via Hawaiian Shirt Photography | Facebook


The new normal will not permit you to bring along your friends since attendance will be limited only to immediate family members and a couple of sponsors. But to defy this restriction acceptably, a couple in England were creative enough to still “bring most of their guests to the venue.”

Romanee and Sam Rondeau-Smith, from Bramley, Guildford, brought lifesize cutouts of photos of their guests on their wedding day. They spent more than £2,000 for 48 “persons”.  But in reality, only 14 were there.

Image via Hawaiian Shirt Photography | Facebook

Previously, their occasion was scheduled in July with 100 guests on the list but moved to a later date, August 14.

To orchestrate the plan, they asked their guests to send them photos for printing. This was an excellent alternative for others who live crosstown and can not travel due to the pandemic. They ended spending the same amount if they brought all their guests to their special day, but Romanee said they were able to save on the drinks.

Image via Hawaiian Shirt Photography | Facebook

The pair wedded at The Bell in Ticehurst, East Sussex and Romanee was so happy with their wonderful experience.

Hawaiian Shirt Photography, their official photographer, shared lovely images on social media and we can’t resist how genius the idea was. Of course,  Romanee and Sam had a bunch of photos with their guests.

What do you think of this concept? It’s cool, isn’t it?

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