Dog dresses in tuxedo waiting for his adopters but they never came; sad story leads to his forever home

Image via Fundación Rescátame | Facebook
  • A puppy wore a tuxedo on the day his adopters were expected to pick him up
  • Unfortunately, they never came, which made the rescue center devastated
  • The shelter posted his story on social media, and luckily, in no time, the puppy found a new loving family

Every shelter’s aim is for their dogs to have their forever homes. Ultimately, without being said, dogs would love to have fur parents too. However, one adoption story is quite heartbreaking.

Image via Fundación Rescátame | Facebook

Vicente, an adorable puppy, was all dressed up in a tuxedo waiting for his adopters on the day they were scheduled to pick him up. But sadly, they never came.

Fundacion Rescatame, a non-profit organization in La Calera, Colombia, in charge of facilitating his adoption, shared some photos of him on social media after the incident on September 9.

“Vicente’s alleged adopter never came for him. When he was ready for a home, bathed, he canceled his adoption. Then they ask us why we’re so strict with the process, for this reason! Because we don’t want to have any doubt that our furry ones will be in excellent hands for LIFE.

If you want to adopt, keep in mind that it’s a commitment forever, animals are not things you can dispose of when you miss the desire to have a dog,” the post said.

Immediately, that post gained sympathy among many animal lovers around the world. It earned 3k reaction and has been shared 2.7k times. Many expressed their intentions to adopt Vicente.

Fortunately, not long after, they finally found a new adopter and the rescue shelter posted the happy news on their social media account.

Image via Fundación Rescátame | Facebook

“Thanks to all the interested people, we never thought that his story would go this far. We want to tell you that a beautiful family has already adopted Vicente.”

The rescue center then shared a photo of Vicente with his fur mom and brother.

It also pleaded to the public that they still have more than 40 furry animals at the foundation waiting for their forever homes.

Vicente’s story had a happy ending. And we wished it would be the same too for the rest of the animals in the shelter.

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