Double luck! Stray puppy rescued by a dog gets adopted by a loving family

Image via BACH Project Ph | Facebook
  • A stray puppy with a skin condition and struggling to survive was brought home by a pet dog to his family
  • Luckily he was taken cared of and endorsed to an animal shelter for treatment and adoption
  • Finally, a loving family was kind enough to adopt him and he is now living a good life

“When it rains, it pours.” It seems that this famous line isn’t only for humans but for our less fortunate animals as well.

Image via BACH Project Ph | Facebook

In Bacolod, a puppy having advanced mange, living along the street near the local ABS-CBN, was rescued by another furry fellow; a pet dog. But wait, is that possible? How did that happen?

According to the pet dog owner, Miss Kazeme, her dog followed her outside while riding a pedicab. She told him to get back to their house. But when she arrived home, she saw her pet bring along a new friend, a puppy. He just rescued the poor animal with a skin condition.

She decided to foster the puppy for a week. However, since it was sick and needed medical attention, she reached out to BACH Project Ph for help.

Another volunteer fostered the puppy and named him Ricky. He was brought to the vet, dewormed and given eye drops.

Image via BACH Project Ph | Facebook

The puppy started to gain his appetite and was doing great. But yet, they still need to find him a forever home.

Luckily, the waiting didn’t take too long, as Ricky got adopted real soon. He became the newest member of the Ledesma Family. BACH Project Ph shared photos showing Ricky and his fur mom. It seems that he is living his life at its best.

Ricky is one of the few strays whose fate brought them to a happy ending. But the truth is, a lot of them still need a good life which they deserve. Our shelters are doing their best to accommodate them, but it will never be enough.

If you are thinking of having a pet today, please consider adoption.