Heart Evangelista finds album she produced in 2005, says she will be releasing these songs

Image capture of video by GMANetwork via YouTube
  • Heart Evangelista shared in a video that she will be releasing some songs she produced in 2005
  • She discovered her album while going through some boxes this pandemic
  • The actress clarified though that she is releasing these songs not to compete with anyone but for people who want it

Heart Evangelista just made an interesting revelation in a video by GMA Network. According to her, she will be releasing some songs she produced in 2005.

Image capture of video by GMANetwork via YouTube

The actress found the album she produced while going through her boxes this pandemic.

“It started with this pandemic, actually. I was going through my boxes of memories, and there’s a whole lot of boxes of different things in my life and I came across my album, which I produced back in 2005. And I had favorite songs that I never really released and nobody really heard.”

She reminisced how she was at that point in her life. She just turned 21, left her management team and was financially independent from her family. She was in love then.

For her, music is an important element at this time since everybody is at home and it is good to listen to it for relaxation. Though it was made 15 years ago, she assumed many can still relate to these songs.

“It sounds ‘now.’ It’s not dated. Chill, very breezy, something that you can keep on while you paint or relax when you’re having wine.”

Image via iamhearte | Instagram

She also clarified that she is not releasing those songs to compete. She is not even aiming for it to be number 1.

“I just like to put things out there to cater to people that want it, to cater to people that want to be happy or to cater to people that are curious.”

Heart released a 10-track self-titled debut album in 2003. Well, we are looking forward to these songs then.

Watch her video here.

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