Family gifted with new house for taking care of vlogger who got stranded due to the lockdown

Image capture of video by GMA Public Affairs, Dustin Backpacks via YouTube
  • An American vlogger was stuck in Cebu due to the lockdown over COVID concerns
  • He is fortunate to find shelter and care from a family whom he met three years ago
  • To return the favor for their kindness, he gifts them a new home

An American blogger came to the country to film his vlogs. However, fate left him stranded here; preventing him from going back home.

Image via Dustin Backpacks | Facebook

Dustin Borglin, 36, from Michigan, USA first visited Cebu in 2016. He was captivated by the beautiful place and its people, so he returned in March this year. However, he got stuck in Toledo City when COVID came. Dustin, instead of dwelling on frustration, made his stay worthwhile by being the “Santa Claus” in the community.

A couple, Raymund and Reche Adoptante, took him into their home for the meantime. He first got acquainted with Raymund when he played basketball with him in 2016.

Dustin easily adjusted to his new lifestyle and has even learned to cook Filipino dishes. He has more than ever bonded with the family. To return the favor, the foreigner gifted them a new house.

“They’re like my family. I’ve known them for almost three years now, and they’ve just been so kind to me,” he said in an interview by Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

Raymund is so happy and said that it is something he would never forget until he gets old.

Image capture of video by Dustin Backpacks via YouTube

The blogger knows how difficult life is at this time of the pandemic, so aside from helping this family, he went around the province to give financial assistance to the other struggling households. He even built a comfort room for one family because he learned that people go out to the woods to do their ‘business’. He utilized his income from blogging for his charity works.

Since he was doing great, his family back in Michigan were relieved after finding out his situation and even encouraged him to continue using his “God-given talents”.

Right now, he is still unsure whether he can go home by December. We can only tell when we get there. But one thing is for sure, he has inspired many to be resilient when trials bring us to a different path.

Thanks to Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, we got to learn more of his heartwarming story. Watch this video below and feel good.