Man catches netizen’s attention for feeding stray dogs in the street, later finds out he is a councilor in the city

Image via Iana Kristel Bedua Divinagracia | Facebook
  • A man went out of his car to feed the stray dogs along a street in Iloilo City
  • A spectator saw the heartwarming scene, took some photos and shared them on social media
  • The good samaritan was soon found out to be a councilor of the city

How well do you care for stray animals? Here is someone who has truly inspired a spectator to share his kind deed on social media.

Image via Iana Kristel Bedua Divinagracia | Facebook

Iana Kristel Bedua Divinagracia was withdrawing money at a BPI branch in Atria Park District in Iloilo City on September 6 when she got a glimpse of a good samaritan. The man opened his car trunk, got some food and fed it to the stray dogs along the street.

The scene caught Iana’s attention, so she took some photos and shared them on social media.  She said in her post, “My heart got melt[ed]. Even though we experience so much in this year 2020, but there is still humanity. I salute you, manong.”

On her post, netizens identified the man as Attorney Romel Duron, a councilor of the said city.

GMA News shared the same photos and it received a fair share of compliments.

“Thank you, Lord, for this person who has compassion for dogs, especially for homeless ones. I love to see more people like this. Thank you so much, sir, for your goodness. God bless you always.”

“Thank you sa iyong kabutihan. God bless you always and more blessing to come para marami pa kayo mapakain na aso.”

Image via Iana Kristel Bedua Divinagracia | Facebook

“Makikita natin dito ‘yong tunay na mapagmahal at malasakit sa 4 legs na nilalang na ito. Salamat po kasi hindi kayo tulad ng ibang nagmamaneho, walang pakialam mabangga man nila. Si Lord na po bahala sa kabutihan n’yo sa mga strays. More blessings po sa nagpakain sa kanila.”

“Salamat po sa love para sa mga dogs. God bless po at patnubayan po kayo ni St. Francis sa mga kabutihan n’yo. Ingat po kayo lagi.”

Indeed the councilor has shown to be a great example serving not just his people but the animals as well.

The pandemic has seen the rise of stray animals. The closure of food establishments ripped them of their source of food scraps. Animal rescue groups had been doing some homeless animal feeding programs to address the situation.

Aside from them, it’s nice to know that other individuals have shown their concern as well.

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