Student recovers ‘lost’ phone, discovers monkey selfies in its files

Image via Zackrydz | Twitter
  • A student in Malaysia discovered his phone was missing when he woke up
  • He found it in the jungle near their house a day after
  • But what is fascinating is that he saw some monkey selfies while scrolling through the photos

Can animals be as interested in our mobile phones as as we are? Well, maybe.

Image via Pixabay

One Saturday morning, Zackrydz Rodzi, 20, woke up at 11 am and discovered his iPhone was nowhere to be found. Its casing though, was left below his bed. This student from Malaysia initially thought somebody took it while he was sleeping but looking around, there was no sign of forced entry in his house.

Still not successful in locating the phone, he already entertained the thought of hiring someone or report it to the police. But on Sunday afternoon, his father told him he spotted a monkey outside their house. Zackrydz dialed his phone and heard it ringing from the jungle beyond the back garden. When he did some searching, he found his cellphone covered with dirt beneath the palm tree.

His uncle gave him the idea to check his phone; saying perhaps the thief had left some images of himself. Indeed, he was right! However, it was of a monkey!

Image via Zackrydz | Twitter

Yes, Zackrydz saw some monkey selfies and even a video of the culprit. He posted them on his Twitter account and the internet went wild.

In one of the videos, the monkey was trying to bite the phone, giving you a personal view of his mouth. The selfies were cute, though, with one of them even taken upside down. The rest of the photos were some random leaves and blurred images.

He suspected that the primate might have entered through his brother’s room since the window was open.

Well, that incident made the monkey an international sensation.