Wil Dasovich recalls how Lloyd Cadena has inspired him: ‘You helped me transcend to become the creator I am today’

Image capture of video by Wil Dasovich Vlogs via YouTube
  • Wil Dasovich considers the late Lloyd Cadena one of his closest friends
  • On social media, he recalls Lloyd’s greatness as a human being and a YouTuber
  • Wil also talked about how Lloyd had inspired him to be the creator he is today

The late Lloyd Cadena, one of our country’s highly subscribed YouTube vloggers, has left a remarkable print on his fans and friends.

Image via Wil Dasovich } Facebook

Wil Dasovich, the Filipino-American television personality, model, and vlogger, is among those who consider him a very close friend. Wil then shared on social media how great he is as a YouTuber and how it has inspired him.

He started his post by saying,” It’s been a tough week and up until now, nothing has sunk in yet.”

Early in September, Lloyd was found unconscious in his hospital bed while under treatment for COVID-19. The process was quite difficult for Wil since “Lloyd is the closest friend I’ve ever lost in my life.”

“It will be some time before I can start uploading again and make sense of everything, but for now, it’s time to reflect and remember the greatness of this amazing human being.”

For him, Lloyd is the king and kween of YouTube. He is on top of others and is already the best since the beginning.

Image via Lloyd Cafe Cadena | Facebook

Wil talked about Lloyd with much admiration. “You were my YouTube idol since I came on the scene and you were the comedian I always aspired to be, and also knew I could never be. You helped me transcend to become the creator I am today and there is not one YouTuber who was more impactful on the community from the beginning than you were.”

He pledged, “I promise you, one day, even if it’s by 2021 when all of this COVID ends, we will all come together and we will have a huge celebration of Lloyd’s life and what he meant to this world! He was the best there ever was, unmatched!”

Indeed, the hurt of losing someone you dearly love is a difficult and a long process, especially if they have created much impact on us; irreplaceable by others.

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