After an alarming incident, parent encourages everyone to monitor what kids view on gadgets

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  • A parent shared how their child was almost on the brink of danger by following what she saw on TikTok
  • The daughter pulled the cords of their Venetian blinds and tied them around her neck
  • The parent then gave everyone a warning to monitor what their kids view on their gadgets

When we see kids all settled down using our gadgets, let’s not be complacent. Have you been checking what they are viewing lately?

OCS Vigilant Supporters shared a story on social media that can cause any parent’s horror. According to their post, a 4-year-old saw a video on TikTok where the kid was hanging himself and the clueless daughter tried to copy it by using the Venetian blinds. She pulled the cords, wrapped them around her neck and jumped.

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“Thank God I was there when it happened. I just can’t imagine. Paano kung wala ako that time? Paano kung nag-CR ako? Paano kung may binili ako sa labas?” the parent said.

Based on the daughter’s description, she said,” Tinali kasi yun sa leeg tapos naging multo na yung bata.”

In a photo shared by the group, the daughter has a red mark on her neck which resulted from the dangerous stunt. Kids that age are still not aware of the consequences of their actions. With this, the parent warns everyone.

“My innocent 4-year-old baby girl almost lost her life because of some stupid Tiktok video. Kaya guys, please, please, bantayan mabuti ang ating mga kiddos pati mga napapanood nila.”

Fortunately, the kid is doing fine and she is back to herself again. The parent also emphasized that she is not stressed in online school since she is not enrolled anyway. This means there isn’t anything else that has encouraged the kid to do that to herself.

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If your child uses TikTok for some reason, guidance on app usage is a must. MacAfee, an American global computer security software, gave some tips on how to safeguard your kid when viewing TikTok.

Sit down with your child and discuss the pros and cons of the content she/he is viewing. Make your TikTok account private so you have better control in approving followers. Enable restricted mode for minors. Explore the safety family mode features. You may disable commenting on your videos. — Or you may simply block the app if you doubt your family’s safety.

A comment on the post somehow summarizes the sentiments of the social media users who read the warning.

DTE said:  “Tiktok isn’t a safe space for kids. Ang daming bata below 13 years old ang nasa Tiktok where they shouldn’t be. Kids shouldn’t have social media accounts in the first place. Parents’ phones should be childlocked! Don’t let your kids use the phone without your supervision or limit the apps they can open and download.”

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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