Girl with muscular dystrophy creates amazing artworks despite her condition

Image via Kate Artist | Facebook
  • An inspiring young girl has a rare condition which weakens her muscles; disabling her from lifting her arms or carry her head
  • Yet even with her situation, her passion for art doesn’t stop her from making amazing paintings
  • She has been selling her works and doing exhibition to fund her basic necessity, a power wheelchair

A 12-year-old girl in Russia inspires many with her talent in painting despite her weakening muscles.

Image via Kate Artist | Facebook

Ekaterina “Kate” Borodulkina has muscular dystrophy, a rare disorder where muscles weaken over time due to the lack of a protein called dystrophin needed for normal muscle function. She started to feel the symptoms when she was just three months old. It was only when she was four when her diagnosis was confirmed. At that time she wasn’t already able to walk nor lift her arms or carry her head. To breathe, she started using a ventilator.

But Kate was inclined towards art. She started drawing when she was two years old by using pencils while she was seated on her high chair. Her parents saw her potential and prompted them to enroll her in a children’s art school the year after.

Lying on one side and carrying a brush on one hand, Kate creates amazing paintings of animals and landscapes. She has her own FB page, Kate Artist, where she posts her works and even videos of her while painting.

In September, one of her latest paintings is titled “Golden Time”. It depicts a golden autumn in Russia which usually takes place in the middle of October.

Image via Kate Artist | Facebook

Netizens praised her for inspiring them.

“You’re such an inspiration, my friend. You have found the secret to living a life with purpose that is touching people’s lives worldwide. You have been blessed with something most people never find. Thank you for sharing hope and beauty.

“She really inspires me. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I’ll probably live vicariously through Katie. She’s so talented, I bet she could paint using her ears and toes. Keep making the world a beautiful place with your artwork, Katie.”

Kate has been using a wheelchair to move around almost all her life. She is into therapy sessions to manage her condition but Kate’s passion for art is unstoppable. It gives her hope that despite her situation she can still prove something for herself.

Currently, her art sales go to her funding for a power wheelchair which costs $5,000. If you are interested to buy her work, you may visit this link

Watch Kate do her painting here.