Athlete and broadcast journalist Gretchen Malalad strongly opposes a village association’s rule of banning feeding of stray cats

Image via Gretchen Malalad | Facebook
  • A village association banned the feeding of stray cats claiming it will encourage the influx of strays from other areas and their waste can be a source of disease
  • Athlete and journalist Gretchen Malalad is strongly against this rule and has expressed their sentiments on social media
  • She continues to feed the stray cats regularly despite being fined for violating

A village association faces backlash after it banned the feeding of stray cats.

Image via Gretchen Malalad | Facebook

The Dasmarinas Village Association has strictly imposed this rule and even put a fine of P5,000 to violators. Athlete and journalist Gretchen Malalad has strongly opposed this direction. She is one of those residents who feed the cats regularly. However, she was no exemption to the rule and received a ticket for her violation.

She posted the incident on social media on October 2, ”The admin of Dasmariñas Village Makati is preventing me from feeding cats that were abandoned by residents. I have been looking out for them for the past 4 years.“

She said that it is animal cruelty and against RA 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act.

On October 3, the association installed large warning signs, clearly stating a fine of P5,000 for violators.

Despite her violation, she still went back to feed the cats. On her October 6 update, she cited that a security guard reminded her again of the policy.

Image via Gretchen Malalad | Facebook

Gretchen shared that she has coordinated with the barangay and the DVA to clarify on the matter. A circular released by the DVA, dated October 6, said that Malalad’s statement about having a lot of “cat haters in the village” is “an unfair and inflammatory generalization.”

Since 2011, the association has partnered with Cara Welfare, Philippines, for the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (TNVS) Program, which supports the ethical treatment of cats.

According to them, feeding the strays will only attract other cats into the village. The association also claims that the felines’ waste can be a source of disease. It also denied Malalad’s allegation that they plan to round up all that cats and k*ll them.

File courtesy of Dasmarinas Village Associaton

The DVA highly encourages the adoption of stray cats. Impounding stray animals are to be carried by the Makati City Veterinary Office.

Currently, there is no stopping Gretchen from doing her advocacy. She continues the fight to revert the rules of the association. She continues to gain awareness and sympathy from the public.

What do you think of this issue? Which side would you support?