Looking for ‘the one’? Doc Liza Ramoso-Ong shares some tips on how and where to find your future love

Image capture of video by Doc Liza Ramoso-Ong via Facebook
  • Dr. Anna Liza Ramoso Ong shares tips on how and where to search for your future love
  • She emphasized that you need to examine your good qualities and nurture it
  • No relationship is perfect so look for someone who is committed and can stick with you through thick and thin

Are you looking for a girlfriend? Or a boyfriend? Check this expert advice on how and where to find one from a medical doctor, Dr. Anna Liza Ramoso-Ong.

Image capture of video by Doc Liza Ramoso-Ong via Facebook

First of all, you have to be single,” Doc Analiza emphasized.

It would help if you prepared yourself and that would also mean you are not bothered by any problems. Even your home needs to be in order. Snatching partners of others is also a no no.

Know your strengths first

It would be best if you did a self-examination and write down your good qualities. Men go for women with intelligence, good looks, humor, honesty, facial attractiveness, kindness, values, communication skills, dependability and partner age, while women like the same traits less the good looks. When you have any of these traits, let that character shine in your personality.

Right places to find your future love

Where do you find them? You need to go out and explore. They may be just in religious groups, places where you do your hobbies, advocacies, alumni events, in your workplace, or only in your village associations. You may also give a chance on blind dates but with caution.

Friends before lovers

Starting as friends has its benefits. You can get to know the person better and discover what you have in common. The longer you are in a friendly relationship, the better since it allows more time for you to know your future partner’s good and bad traits.


No relationship is perfect but what is more important is the commitment to make it work despite the challenges and differences.

Image capture of video by Doc Liza Ramoso-Ong via Facebook

You need to have common goals

Topics like when to get married, how many babies you plan to have, career, health goals, spirituality and even handling in-laws can spark issues in the future when your goals are not aligned.

Lastly, Doc Liza reminded searchers to look for a partner who is willing to stick with you through thick and thin. There is no magic in creating a long-lasting relationship, but you can surpass each challenge if you have the dedication to work it out.

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