Banana leaves can be a better alternative than plastic bags in growing seeds

Image via Leon Dang | Facebook
  • Banana leaves are used as small grow bags by a gardener in Vietnam
  • This idea is better than using plastic bags which takes time to degrade and can add to our growing waste problem
  • Mindanao Development Authority Chairman Manny Piñol also shared how he makes his version of grow bags which he learned from his grandmother

If you are the type who grows plants from seeds by using plastic nursery pots, you may want to make a switch after reading this.

Image via Leon Dang | Facebook

Banana leaves have many uses. Currently, it is starting to gain attention for its use as food wraps or containers to replace plastic bags. In the field of planting, growers start to utilize it as “small grow bags”.

Leon Dang shared on Container Gardening and Vertical Gardening FB group that in his hometown, Vietnam, they use banana leaves as containers to sow seeds. When the seeds start to grow, they transfer the plant to a pot.

“This helps the plant grow faster and healthier than sowing the seeds directly to the ground and no plastic!”

Image via Leon Dang | Facebook

He shared some photos of his garden. Banana leaves are rolled and fitted into germination beds. The “small grow bags” are filled with soil and the seeds are then inserted in the bag. When the plants have grown, you can transfer the whole bag into a bigger pot.

In the case of using plastic nursery pots, you need to tear it off when you want to transfer it to its new pot. This can cause stress or injury on the roots of the growing plant.

This idea though has long been used by previous generations.

Mindanao Development Authority (MinDa) chairman and agriculturist Emmanuel “Manny” Piñol revealed on his vlog that he got this idea from his grandmother in growing tobacco, though his way of making the nursery pot is different.

Image capture of video by Manny Pinol via YouTube

First, the banana leaves are warmed to make it flexible. From the strips of leaves, you create a roll and seal it by using coconut stick (walis ting-ting) or toothpick. Unlike Leon Dang’s bags which are bottomless, he adds a “flooring” by adding more leaves.

This idea is guaranteed to be eco-friendly and is cheaper than using plastic bags.

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Here is a clip on how MinDa Chairman Manny Pinol makes his grow bags.

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