Heart stuns in another wardrobe switching video on TikTok: Can you guess how many outfit change she did?

Image via Ime85 | TikTok
  • Heart Evangelista stuns netizens in another video on TikTok that will keep you guessing how many times she changed outfit
  • The actress stuns in designer clothes with matching shoes and bags in what netizens consider an “Emily in Paris” look
  • Heart has been producing a lot of fashion-related TikTok videos to keep herself busy this quarantine and most probably as part of her endorsements, too

Heart Evangelista is known to have a unique fashion style. Thanks to her stylist, Kat Cruz-Villanueva.

Image via Ime85 | TikTok

And the quarantine has limited her outdoor photoshoots wearing her designer clothes for her print and social media ads. So the actress has found a way to showcase her outfits while staying at home. And this is through investing content in her TikTok account.

One of the recent videos she had left netizens thinking how many times she switched into outfits in her 13-second clip. Can you guess?

Standing all along in the film. she sported different designer dresses, shoes and bags like Chanel and Louis Vuitton which will surely make you drool without even looking at their price tags.

Netizens compare her look to the lead character in “Emily in Paris”. Even her network, GMA’s official TikTok account agreed to that.

“Living breathing ‘Emily in Paris’,” it said in the comment section.

Others described it as “like a fashion week in Paris”. But most of all she was well appreciated for her efforts. Dressing up multiple amounts of time for a 13-second video takes a lot of patience.

Her video has been viewed almost 800k times.

Image via Ime85 | TikTok

In April, Heart rocked the internet for her TikTok video where she had 11 outfit changes while “doing” house chores in a fashionable manner. Her video had 1.3 million views.

Her official  TikTok account. Ime85 is being followed by 3.5M fans and her almost a hundred videos boast 15.7M likes. There’s no wonder even if netizens always say they “feel poor” seeing her stylish fashion-related videos, they still can not resist her because she is truly the only celebrity who could rock that style.

Watch her video here.

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