Jose Mari Chan gives classic advice after being married for 50 years: ‘Put Christ at the center of your marriage’

Image capture of video by Bo Sanchez via Facebook, Image via Universal Records Philippines | Facebook
  • Jose Marie Chan advised couples to put Christ at the center of their marriage
  • In a talk with Bo Sanchez, he revealed that he and his wife once worked as a missionary couple
  • He also shared what he does every day to remain positive

Jose Mari Chan is famous for his classic Christmas songs such as “A Perfect Christmas” and “Christmas in our Hearts,” but little did we know that his married life is also inspiring.

Image capture of video by Bo Sanchez via | Facebook

In an online interview by Bo Sanchez, the singer-songwriter talked about his wife, their courtship, the songs he wrote for her and their experience after 50 years of marriage.

In the end, Bo asked him, “To all married couples listening and even those who are wanting to get married, fiances, boyfriends and girlfriends, what would the advice be, one, two or three things?”

“I know it sounds like [a] cliche. You know they always say that but put Christ at the center of your marriage,” Chan said.

Indeed, based on their experience as a couple, they once became missionaries. Earlier in the conversation, he narrated that his wife, who was still his girlfriend then, dedicated her first year after graduation as a missionary instead of working.

“The year before we got married, Mary Ann, who has graduated from Maryknoll, decided instead of working for [a] bank or working for a company, decided to devote her time as a lay missionary in the assumption school in Mino, Osaka, Japan.”

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That was in the year 1969 and he admitted he felt empty when Mary Ann left. It inspired him to write the song “Refrain.”

They married in 1970 and had a brief honeymoon because they decided to go back to Japan to work as a lay missionary couple. After seven months, they came back to the Philippine because Mary Ann was expecting.

Chan said staying in love remains to be a challenge even after getting married, so a continuous effort is important for it to work.

Bo Sanchez commented that love and positivity are always evident in Chan’s songs. Chan explained that he makes it a habit to thank God first thing in the morning for his life, health and family.

Through the years, Chan has been consistently present in the music scene with his timeless classic love songs and, most especially, his yuletide hits. Ever enspiring Josemari!

Watch the full episode here.

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