Vlogger wins bike in a raffle, donates it to a farmer who pedals an old bike 10 km a day to his farm

Image via BecomingFilipino | Facebook
  • Vlogger Kulas joined a bicycle fun ride and met a farmer he wished to help
  • The farmer uses a worn-out bike going to his farm and Kulas promised to give him a new bike if he wins one in the event raffle
  • Seems that he was destined to be drawn and right away gave the bike to the farmer who is very happy to receive it

A vlogger is so kind to think of another man’s needs other than himself.

Image via BecomingFilipino | Facebook

Kyle Jennermann, better known as “Kulas”, joined the 1st Cateel Fun Ride in Davao Oriental on October 29. He did not just enjoy the occasion but has made someone very happy.

Kulas shared on his FB page, Becoming Filipino that he and his friend Jandee happened to meet a 67-year-old farmer, tatay Romeo Abragan who has been residing in the area for 40 years. He uses a bike to reach his farm and travels 10 km a day (5km to destination and 5km back home).

He noticed that this man’s vehicle is already worn out. Looking at the image he posted, a biker named Sunni Moreno pointed out that tatay Romeo’s bike chain came from a motorcycle. He is the same man who signed up tatay Romeo to join the fun ride.

Another one commented that he doesn’t have brakes. This is because tatay Romeo uses “foot brakes”; referring to his rubber slippers to stop the vehicle. In fact, during the ride, he is just wearing slippers.

Image via BecomingFilipino | Facebook

With this, Kulas pledged that if he wins a bike in the event raffle, he will give it to him.

“Tatay, if my number gets called when they raffle off a new bike… I’ll give it to you!”

And God did not fail him. “Well… good karma for the win! Amazing how the universe provides! I was drawn!” he excitedly said in his post.

Kulas, as promised donated his win to tatay Romeo. In another photo, tatay is seen holding his new bike with a smile on his face.

Image via BecomingFilipino | Facebook

Netizens are thankful and as happy as tatay. They praised Kulas for his generosity and thoughtfulness.

“Congratulations Kulas for winning the bike!! And Congratulations to tatay Romeo Abragan as a recipient of the bike. Salamat, Kulas for your generosity!!! You have one big heart who knows how & whom to give!!! Ayo-ayo mo tanan in Cateel.

“A really good gesture Kulas. God saw your intention and used u to bless tatay with a new bike. Thanks for the good vibes today. Stay safe!”

Finally, tatay can pedal a safe trip every day with his new wheels. God really provides to those who work hard and sometimes uses other people as instruments.

And thank you, Kulas, for your kindness!

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